Why Hire a PDCA of Hawaii Contractor?

We Are Painting Professionals

Painting companies who are members of the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) adhere to the highest of industry standards and superior code of ethics. Our members are licensed, insured, and receive regular, ongoing training and education to ensure quality workmanship for their customers. When you hire a PDCA of Hawaii contractor, you are hiring firms that provide painting and decorating services in a professional, business-like manner with both craftsmanship and up-to-date techniques.


DC50 Training

Applicants for the Joint Apprenticeship Program for the District Council 50 Joint Apprenticeship & Training Trust Fund must initially satisfy the program qualifications prior to entry. Apprentices receive 8,000 hours of training working with Journeypersons and Supervisors qualified in the skills of painting. In addition, they must also attend and complete classes related to the painting trade and pass painting trade related tests. PDCA of Hawaii Contractors depend on this training to ensure a skilled workforce that can produced the quality that the public expects.

JATC Safety Certifications

Both Apprentices and Journeypersons are trained and certified to ensure that they are in compliance with all State of Hawaii and Federal Occupational and Safety Health Law, Standards, Rules and Regulations. The certifications ensures that the workers used by PDCA of Hawaii Contractors have the knowledge to work safely for the Public’s benefit and protection.

PDCA of Hawaii Contractors Are…

  • Licensed and Insured

    Our members maintain regulatory, insurance and licensing requirements in the areas they conduct business.

  • Trained

    PDCA of Hawaii contractors regularly receive training in safety, best practices and customer satisfaction.

  • Ethical

    We promise to uphold PDCA Industry Standards to ensure work is free from defects, deficiencies and significant variation of coating applications.

  • Professional

    We protect, preserve and decorate homes, edifices, facilities and other public/private property with the most progressive and efficient means and materials.

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